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Features for students:

Make sure to familiarize yourself with our Rules of Use.

Chat with your peers, friends, activities or clubs

  • Chat with other UNT students without having to share personal emails, social accounts or phone numbers
  • Create groups for your clubs, activities or interests
  • Connect with classmates for study groups or team projects
  • Chat by text or voice

Share with the whole campus or just your crew

  • Share files, photos and video to your groups or to a person
  • Post information about your cause or event on the social share wall
  • Tip users with virtual, eagle coins to say “thanks” and earn eagle coins to share by logging in and performing tasks
  • See who’s sharing and receiving the most eagle coins on public leaderboards

It’s all under your control

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  • Control who sees your profile on the app and add what contact info you want
  • Block text messages from individuals at any time
  • Snooze notifications for quiet time
  • Leave or dissolve your group when you have met your goals
  • Choose whether you want your group to be public, locked or require approval for new members

Say “No” to “FOMO”

  • Opt-in for automatic notifications for a growing list of campus services
  • Watch videos about what’s happening on campus
  • Share your favorite posts with friends and groups

And it couldn’t be simpler

  • Login automatically with your EUID – no usernames and passwords to remember
  • Find app users by name (not nicknames)
  • Share your group QR code to help promote and grow your group
  • Easily transfer club, activity or interest groups to the next leader
  • Connect with people across Android and Apple
  • No ads, just chat

Features for Faculty:

  • Activate groups that already are preloaded for each of your classes (similar to Canvas)
  • Have students create discussion and community groups for in-class projects
  • Share links, images or videos with your class on the go
  • Post your syllabus so that students always have a copy on their device
  • Send a follow-up after class or take questions during your session (messages are received in near real-time)
  • Mute notifications during away time
  • Login automatically with your EUID (no usernames and passwords to remember)

Features for Staff:

  • Create groups around student services, interests and services that you offer
  • Connect students to their peers to build communities and provide peer support
  • Create a subscription that students can opt-in to receive automatic notifications on their phone
  • Access a directory of all UNT community members using the app
  • Share files, photos, video and links to keep your groups engaged
  • Keep in touch with students that you mentor
  • Share an automatically generated QR code to easily promote and grow your group
  • Create groups for committees to keep members informed

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